You can enjoy the scenery of Mt.Fuji and flight.

Free lunch service is included


Tandem flight course

Tandem flight course 7,500 yen
Tandem pilot control the glider. Please enjoy the wonderful view of the Mt.fuji & Asagiri.

Short flight course

Half day course 5,600 yen / One day course 8,000 yen
Receiving instruction you can enjoy a short flight from a 22-meter hill.

Short flight + Tandem flight course

Short flight + Tandem flight course 12,000 yen
You can enjoy both short flight course (half day) and tandem course. Which course comes first depends on flight conditions of the day.

Facilities provided to give satisfied experience

Nation’s largest Practice area Simple accommodation(locker room and shower room are included)

Asagiri kogen Paraglide School access map

By car (Chuo highway)
Go to Kawagutiko IC ⇒ Route139(about30minutes)
andmark : 500m south of Michino Eki Asagiri-kogen.
By car (Tomei highway)
Go to Fuji IC ⇒ Route139(about50minutes)
2km north drive from [Family mart] convenience store.
By TRAIN (Shinkansen)
Go to Shin-fuji station and take taxi or bus to Asagiri-kogen.
Access through public transport from Tokyo area
By highway bus (Chuo highway)  Bus-ta Shinjuku (Big bus terminal at Shinjuku station west exit)
Go to Kawaguchi-ko Station.
We have free pickup service in the morning. (Reservation is required.)
meeting place / Bus stop 10
meeting time / 9:00
departure time / 9:20
Bus stop 10
Asagiri kogen Paraglide School
Nehara 282-1, Fujinomiya-shi, shizuoka JAPAN 418-0101
Tel. 0544-52-1031 / Fax. 0544-52-1033
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